Translation Index & Other Known Translation Sources

So here's the index for the site!  It's not fancy, but hopefully it will make it more navigable now that there are like more than 25 chapters....  I'll make it prettier later... maybe!

Below that, I'm also working on listing all known sources (whose permission I have, in the case of private sites) with other translations of ingame materials.  If you have translations, drop me a line so I can add them here!

Currently Active Translation:

Index of other sites is below the cut.  ↓
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Climax Event Story (March 2017): Well-wishes and Repayment - Chapter 2

Sorry, it was a busy weekend. I ended up working full (normal people) days both days....

Translator's note: Kanata's lines at the end about Keito are ambiguous... I've done my best not to insert any speculation on my part, but they may need some minor revision (plurals/specific references/etc) when we get a story with more interaction between Keito and Kanata in the future...

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Holiday Party Event Story (December 2016) : Chapter 2

Aaaand more Kaoru and Moricchi.

Translator's notes: Kadomatsu are pine and bamboo decorations put out in the new year's season.

Shimekazari are rope decorations put out in the new year's season.

Otoshidama is money that children (even up through college in some families) receive in the new year's season from their relatives.

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